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Sphere in Cube

This example shows how to create a nested multidomain geometry consisting of a unit sphere and a cube. The first part of the example creates a cube with a spherical cavity. The second part creates a solid sphere embedded in a cube.

Cube with Spherical Cavity

First, create a geometry consisting of a cube with a spherical cavity. This geometry has one cell.

Create a cubic geometry.

g1 = fegeometry(multicuboid(2,2,2));

Create a spherical geometry.

g2 = fegeometry(multisphere(0.5));

Move the second geometry to fit entirely within the cube g1.

g2 = translate(g2,[0 0 1]);

Create a spherical cavity inside the cube using the cells of the geometry g2.

g3 = addVoid(g1,g2);

Plot the result.


Solid Sphere Nested in Cube

Add a solid sphere g2 inside the cube g1.

g4 = addCell(g1,g2);

Plot the result.