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Generate Structured Text Code for Variable-Size Signals

Deploy applications such as machine learning models to your target PLC by generating code for variable-size signals. Verify the generated structured text code by generating test bench code and importing the generated test bench code into your target IDE.

Model Description

The model consists of a simple MATLAB® Function Block, Stateflow® chart and a Simulink® subsystem. The MATLAB® Function Block generates a variable one-dimensional array based on whether the input signal u is greater than or less than zero. The Stateflow® chart has two states that transition between assigning the output variable y to the input variable u and multiplying y by two. The Simulink® subsystem has a Sum of Elements block that sums all the elements in y.

Simulate and Generate Structured Text Code

Open the Simulink model.

mdl = 'vardim_ex';

To generate structured text code for the Subsystem block, use the plcgeneratecode command.

plcgeneratecode([mdl '/Subsystem']);

Close the model


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