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Transmission Line Designer

Design, visualize, and analyze transmission lines

Since R2023a


The Transmission Line Designer app lets you design, analyze, and visualize transmission lines.

Using this app you can:

  • Select transmission line configuration and visualize the geometry.

  • Design the transmission line for a specified frequency and impedance.

  • Analyze the transmission line based on RLGC values, propagation delay, S-parameters, current, charge, and layout.

  • Export selected transmission line variable to MATLAB® workspace.

  • Export a script for the transmission line design and analysis.

  • Export S-parameters to a Touchstone file.

  • Export RLGC values to the MATLAB workspace.

Transmission Line Designer app

Open the Transmission Line Designer App

  • MATLAB Toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Signal Processing and Communications, click the Transmission Line Designer app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter transmissionLineDesigner.


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Create a microstrip transmission line using the transmission line designer app.

Launch the Transmission Line Designer app.



Click Microstrip line in the Configuration section.


Use the Properties pane to add these parameters:

  1. Ground Plane Width = 90mm

  2. Set Configuration to Differential.

  3. Differential Separation = 3mm

  4. Select Coupled. For the left trace, set Number of Left Aggressors to 1 and Left Aggressor Clearance to 4 mm. For the right trace, set Number of Right Aggressors to 2 and Right Aggressor Clearance to 3 mm and 2 mm.

  5. In the Trace section, set these properties: Width = 4mm, Trace Length = 10mm, Trace X offset = -5mm

  6. In the Metal section, set these properties: Metal = Gold :: Conductivity = 8e+7 ::Thickness = 6e-6m

  7. In Dielectric section, under Catalog, select Multiple/Custom. Set Name to FR4,Foam.


On the app toolstrip, in the Analysis section, click Add Plots to add S-parameters, current, charge, and layout plots.


In the Analysis section, change the Plot Frequency to 5 GHz and the Frequency Range to (3:1:10) GHz. Click Update Plots to update all the plots to the new frequency.

View the S-parameter plot.


View the current plot.


View the charge plot.


View the layout plot.


Programmatic Use

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transmissionLineDesigner opens the Transmission Line Designer app.

transmissionLineDesigner (SavedSession.mat) opens a saved Transmission Line Designer app session from the command line.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a