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Standard Units for Robotics System Toolbox

Robotics System Toolbox™ uses a fixed set of standards for units to ensure consistency across algorithms and applications. Unless specified otherwise, functions and classes in this toolbox represent all values in units based on the International System of Units (SI). The table below summarizes the relevant quantities and their SI derived units.

QuantityUnit (abbrev.)
Lengthmeter (m)
Timesecond (s)
Angleradian (rad)
Velocitymeter/second (m/s)
Angular Velocityradian/second (rad/s)
Accelerationmeter/second2 (m/s2)
Angular Accelerationradian/second2 (rad/s2)
Masskilogram (kg)
ForceNewton (N)
TorqueNewton-meter (N-m)
Moment of Inertiakilogram-meter2 (kg-m2)

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