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Create unstructured uncertain dynamic system object


n = udyn('name',iosize);


n = udyn('name',iosize) creates an unstructured uncertain dynamic system class, with input/output dimension specified by iosize. This object represents the class of completely unknown multivariable, time-varying nonlinear systems.

For practical purposes, these uncertain elements represent noncommuting symbolic variables (placeholders). All algebraic operations, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication (i.e., cascade) operate properly, and substitution (with usubs) is allowed.

The analysis tools (e.g., robstab) do not currently handle these types of uncertain elements. Therefore, these elements do not provide a significant amount of usability, and their role in the toolbox is small.


You can create a 2-by-3 udyn element and check its size and properties.

N = udyn('N',[2 3]) 
Uncertain Dynamic System: Name N, size 2x3 
ans = 
     2     3 
            Name: 'N' 
    NominalValue: [2x3 double] 
    AutoSimplify: 'basic' 

Version History

Introduced before R2006a