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Insert comment into XML source file created by report generation process


This component inserts a comment into the XML source file created by the report-generation process. This comment is not visible in the generated report.

This component can have children. Child components insert their output into the XML source file, but this does not appear in the generated report.

To make comment text appear in the report:

  1. Edit the XML source file (which has the same name as your report file, but has a xml extension).

  2. Find the comment area in the XML source file by locating the comment tags <-- and -->.

  3. Remove the comment tags.

  4. Convert the XML source file using the rptconvert command.


  • Comment text: Specifies comments to include in the report.

  • Show comment in Generation Status window: Displays comments in the Generation Status tab while the report generates.

  • Status message priority level: Specifies the priority level of the status messages that appear during report generation. Priority options range from 1 Error messages only to 6 All messages. The default is 3 Important messages. This option is only available if you select the Show comment in Generation Status window option.

Insert Anything into Report?

No. This component inserts comments, which can appear in the report, into the report's XML source file.