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Class: mlreportgen.finder.MATLABVariableResult
Package: mlreportgen.finder

Get property values of MATLAB variable search result object

Since R2022a


propVals = getPropertyValues(resObj,propNames) returns the values of the properties specified by propNames in the MATLAB® variable search result object, resObj. The specified properties can belong to the result object or to the variable represented by the result object.

Input Arguments

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MATLAB variable search result, specified as an mlreportgen.finder.MATLABVariableResult object.

List of requested properties, specified as a string array or a cell array of strings. Valid values for elements in the array are, in any order:

Requested PropertyReturned Value
"Name"Name of the variable, specified as a string scalar
"Class"Data type of the variable, specified as a character array
"Size"Dimensions of the variable, specified as a double array
"Bytes"Number of bytes used for storing the variable in the computer memory, specified as a double scalar
"Sparse"Whether the variable is a sparse matrix, specified as a logical
"Complex"Whether the variable is a complex number, specified as a logical
"Value"Value of the variable
"Global"Whether the variable is global, specified as a logical
The name of any property of resObjThe value of the property
The name of any property of resObj that can be accessed by dot notation. Note: This option only applies to variables of type struct or to variables that are instances of classes.The value of the property


If the variable represented by resObj has a property with the same name as a property of resObj, the method getPropertyValues retrieves the property value of resObj. For example:

  1. In the base workspace, define a struct with a field named Place and a field named Location.

    myStruct.Place = "USA";
    myStruct.Location = "America";

  2. Use the find method to create a MATLABVariableResult object for the structure myStruct.

    resObj = find(mlreportgen.finder.MATLABVariableFinder(...

  3. Use the getPropertyValues method to get the values of the Place and Location properties.


    The value of the Location property is "MATLAB" from resObj.

    ans =
      1×2 cell array
        {["USA"]}    {["MATLAB"]}

Output Arguments

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Values of the specified properties, returned as a cell array.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a