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Get formal image reporter


reporter = getImageReporter(image)


reporter = getImageReporter(image) returns a reporter that generates a formal image based on the Image property of The Image format overrides any corresponding formats in the image template. Use this getImageReporter method to override the default image template of the image.

Input Arguments

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Source of image to add to report, specified as a character vector or character array, or as a DOM Image object. If you use a character vector or character array, specify the system path to the image file.

Output Arguments

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Formal image reporter for the image, returned as a reporter object.


Use Nondefault Image Style

Create a style that differs from the default image style. Before you run this example, create a template named MyImageTemplate and customize its FormalImageImage style. Then, use the getImageReporter method and the TemplateSrc property to use your template.

rpt = Report();
image = FormalImage();
imageReporter = getImageReporter(image);
image.TemplateSrc = 'MyImageTemplate';

Version History

Introduced in R2017b