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Determine whether object is a coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface object


breakpointTableDataInterface = isBreakpointDataInterface(parameterObj)


breakpointTableDataInterface = isBreakpointDataInterface(parameterObj) returns a logical value indicating whether the object is a coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface (Embedded Coder) object or not.

Input Arguments

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coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface object that represents a breakpoint set in the model.

Data Types: string

Output Arguments

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Logical value indicating whether the object is a coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface.

Data Types: logical


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  1. Build the model.

  2. Create a coder.codedescriptor.CodeDescriptor object for the model.

    codeDescObj = coder.getCodeDescriptor('rtwdemo_asap2')
  3. Return properties of the breakpoint set data in the model.

    params = getDataInterfaces(codeDescObj, 'Parameters')

    The params variable is an array of coder.descriptor.DataInterface, coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterface, and coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface objects.

  4. Obtain the details of the breakpoint set attached to the model Lookup Table block by accessing the first location in the array.

    parameterObj = params(6).Breakpoints(1)

  5. Determine if the object stored in parameterObj variable is a coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface object.

    breakpointDataInterface = isBreakpointDataInterface(parameterObj)
    lookupTableDataInterface =
    The code generator returns a logical value of 1 indicating if parameterObj is a coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterface object. Otherwise, the code generator returns a logical value of 0.

Introduced in R2020a