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Compute capability


Specify the minimum compute capability of the GPU device for which CUDA® code is generated.

Category: Code Generation > GPU Code


Default: 3.5

Select the minimum compute capability for code generation. The compute capability identifies the features supported by the GPU hardware. It is used by applications at run time to determine which hardware features, instructions are available on the GPU device. If you specify custom compute capability, GPU Coder™ ignores this setting.

To see the CUDA compute capability requirements for code generation, consult the following table.

TargetCompute Capability


See GPU Computing Requirements (Parallel Computing Toolbox).

Source code, static or dynamic library, and executables

3.2 or higher.

Deep learning applications in 8-bit integer precision

6.1, 6.3 or higher.

Deep learning applications in half-precision (16-bit floating point)

5.3, 6.0, 6.2 or higher.


  • This parameter requires a GPU Coder license.

  • To enable this parameter, select Generate GPU code on the Code Generation pane.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: GPUComputeCapability
Type: character vector
Value: '3.2' | '3.5' | '3.7' | '5.0' | '5.2' | '5.3' | '6.0' | '6.1' | '6.2' | '7.0' | '7.1' | '7.2' | '7.5' |
Default: '3.5'

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