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Return waveform object of given Signal Integrity Toolbox simulation object

Since R2023a


The SignalIntegrityWaveform class object returns the waveform object from a given SignalIntegritySimulation object. You can get any specific waveform in the simulation or all the waveforms in the simulation.



w=sim.Waveforms(i) returns a SignalIntegrityWaveform class object corresponding to the i-th waveform of the SignalIntegritySimulation object sim.

w=sim.Waveforms returns the SignalIntegrityWaveform class objects corresponding to all the waveforms of the SignalIntegritySimulation object sm.


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Title of the waveform, specified as a string.

Full path to the waveform file, specified as a string.

Simulation domain, specified as network characterization, statistical, or time domain simulation.

Type of the waveform, specified as BER, impulse, step, eye, and so on.

SignalIntegritySimulation object representing the parent interface, specified as a class object.

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Version History

Introduced in R2023a