General Passive Network

Model two-port passive network described by rfdata object


Black Box Elements sublibrary of the Physical library


The General Passive Network block models the two-port passive network described by an RF Toolbox™ data ( object.

If network parameter data and their corresponding frequencies exist as S-parameters in the object, the General Passive Network block interpolates the S-parameters to determine their values at the modeling frequencies. If the block contains network Y- or Z-parameters, the block first converts them to S-parameters. See Map Network Parameters to Modeling Frequencies for more details.


Main Tab

Data source

Determines the source of the data that describes the passive device behavior. The data source must contain network parameters and may also include noise data, nonlinearity data, or both. The value can be Data file or RFDATA object.

RFDATA object

If Data source is set to RFDATA object, use this field to specify an RF Toolbox data ( object. You can specify the object as (1) the handle of a data object previously created using RF Toolbox software, (2) an RF Toolbox command such as'Freq',1e9,'S_Parameters',[0 0; 0.5 0]), which creates a data object, or (3) a MATLAB® expression that generates such an object.

Data file

If Data source is set to Data file, use this field to specify the name of the file that contains the amplifier data. The file name must include the extension. If the file is not in your MATLAB path, specify the full path to the file or click the Browse button to find the file.

Interpolation method

The method used to interpolate the network parameters. The following table lists the available methods describes each one.

Linear (default)Linear interpolation
SplineCubic spline interpolation
CubicPiecewise cubic Hermite interpolation

Visualization Tab

For information about plotting, see Create Plots.


Creating a General Passive Network Block from File Data

This example creates a two-port passive network from the data in the file passive.s2p. The file contains S-parameters for frequencies from about 0.315 MHz to 6.0 GHz. The General Passive Network block uses linear interpolation to model the network described in the object.

  1. On the Main tab, accept the default settings.

  2. On the Visualization tab, set the parameters as follows:

    • In the Plot type list, select Z Smith chart.

    Click Plot. This action creates a Z Smith chart of the S11 parameters, using the frequencies taken from the RFDATA object parameter on the Main tab.