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Measure IIP2 of Device Under Test

Use the IIP2 Testbench block to verify the input second-order intercept (IIP2) of a device under test (DUT).

Connect the blocks as shown in the model.

Set the parameters for DUT and the testbench.

Amplifier block:

  • Available power gain10 dB

  • Intercept points conventionInput

Mixer block:

  • Available power gain5 dB

  • Local oscillator frequency2.0 GHz

  • Add Image Reject filteron

  • Intercept points conventionInput

  • IP232 dBm

  • Filter typeHighpass

  • ImplementationConstant per carrier

  • Passband edge frequency2.05 GHz

IIP2 Testbench block:

  • Input frequency (Hz)2.1e9

  • Output frequency (Hz)0.1e9

  • Simulate noise (both stimulus and DUT internal)off

Run the model. Since the mixer is preceded by a 10 dB amplifier you will see that the display shows an IIP2 value of 22 dBm. This is calculated using the rquation, IIP2_DUT = IIP2 of mixer – available power gain of amplifier = 22 dBm.

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