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Generate, Download, and Execute Code

To perform hardware-in-the-loop simulation on target hardware, use Simulink® Real-Time™ to:

  • Generate and compile code on the development computer.

  • Download the real-time application to the target computer.

  • Execute the real-time application remotely from the development computer.

Requirements for Building and Executing Simulink Real-Time Applications

Before building and executing your real-time application:

  1. Prepare and configure your model for real-time simulation. For information, see Real-Time Model Preparation Workflow and Real-Time Simulation Workflow.

  2. Set up and configure the software, I/O interfaces, and connectivity for your development computer, target computer, and I/O board. For information, see Get Started with Simulink Real-Time (Simulink Real-Time).

Create, Build, Download, and Execute a Real-Time Application

For an example that shows you how to generate code for the model on your development computer, transfer the code to your real-time computer, and execute the code on your real-time computer, see Create and Run Real-Time Application from Simulink Model (Simulink Real-Time).

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