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Create a New Project Using Templates

In a project, you can use templates to create and reuse a standard project structure.

  1. To browse for templates, click Simulink on the MATLAB® Home tab, or on the Project tab, click New.

  2. In the Simulink® start page, click a template in the list to read the description. For example, click Simple Project.

  3. The start page shows all project templates (*.sltx) on the MATLAB path. If your templates do not appear, locate them by clicking Open. In the Open dialog box, make *.sltx files visible by changing the file type list Model Files to All MATLAB files, and browse to your template.

  4. In the start page, select a template and click Create Project.

    Templates created in R2017b or later warn you if required products are missing. Click the links to open Add-On Explorer and install required products.

  5. In the Create Project dialog box, specify your project folder and edit the project name, and click Create Project.

Use Project Templates from R2014a or Before

To use project templates created in R2014a or earlier (.zip files), upgrade them to .sltx files using Simulink.exportToTemplate.

After you upgrade the templates to .sltx and put them on the MATLAB path, you can use the templates from the start page.

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