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Fix Unresolved Library Links

If Simulink® is unable to find either the library block or the source library on your MATLAB® path during linked block update, the link becomes unresolved. Simulink changes the appearance of these blocks.

Simulink tries to help you find and install missing products that a model needs to run. If you open a model that contains built-in blocks or library links from missing products, you see labels and links to help you fix the problem.

  • Blocks are labeled with missing products (for example, SimEvents not installed)

  • Tooltips include the name of the missing product

  • Messages provide links to open Add-On Explorer and install the missing products

For unresolved library links, double-click the block to view details. Click the link to open Add-On Explorer and install the product.

To fix an unresolved link, you can:

  • Double-click the unresolved block to open its dialog box (see the Unresolved Link block reference page). If a product is missing, click the link to open Add-On Explorer and install the product. Alternatively, correct the path name in the Source block field and click OK.

  • Delete the unresolved block and copy the library block back into your model.

  • Add the folder that contains the required library to the MATLAB path and then, on the Modeling tab, click Update Model.

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