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Simulink Engine Interaction with System Object Methods

Simulink Engine Phases Mapped to System Object Methods

This diagram shows a process view of the order in which the MATLAB System block invokes System object™ methods within the context of the Simulink® engine.

Note the following:

  • Simulink calls the stepImpl, outputImpl, and updateImpl methods multiple times during simulation at each time step. Simulink typically calls other methods once per simulation.

  • The Simulink engine calls the isOutputFixedSizeImpl, getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl, isOutputComplexImpl, getOutputDataTypeImpl, getOutputSizeImpl when using propagation methods.

  • Simulink calls saveObjectImpl and loadObjectImpl for saving and restoring the model operating point, the Simulation Stepper, and Fast Restart.

  • Default implementations save and restore all properties with public access, including DiscreteState.

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