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Use Shortcuts to Find and Run Frequent Tasks

In a project, use shortcuts to make it easy for any project user to find and access important files and operations. You can use shortcuts to make top models or scripts easier to find in a large project. Shortcuts are available from any file view via the toolstrip.

If your project does not yet contain any shortcuts, see Create Shortcuts to Frequent Tasks.

To use shortcuts:

  • In the Project Shortcuts toolstrip tab, click the shortcut. Clicking a shortcut in the toolstrip performs the default action for the file type, for example, run .m files, load .mat files, and open models. Hover over a shortcut to view the full path.

Choose which behavior you want when running shortcuts:

  • If the script is not on the path, and you want to switch to the parent folder and run the script without being prompted, then click the shortcut in the Project Shortcuts toolstrip tab. If you use this option, the result of pwd in the script is the parent folder of the script.

  • If you select Run in the Files view context menu, and the script is not on the path, then MATLAB® asks if you want to change folder or add the folder to the path. This is the same behavior as running from the Current Folder browser. If you use this option, the result of pwd in the script is the current folder when you run the script.

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