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Simulink 3D Animation Textures

The following are texture file recommendations for Simulink® 3D Animation™ models:

  • Where possible, scale source texture files to a size equal to a power of 2 in both dimensions. Doing so ensures optimal performance for the Simulink 3D Animation viewer. If you do not scale the files, the Simulink 3D Animation viewer can attempt to descale the image or create textures with undesired resolutions.

  • Use source texture files whose size and detail are no more than what you need for your application.

  • Where possible, use the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format as the static texture format. You can also use the GIF and JPG graphic formats.

  • For movie textures, use the MPEG format. For optimal performance, be sure to scale source texture files to a size equal to the power of 2 in both dimensions.

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