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Add list items to Model Advisor results


addItem(obj, elements) adds element items to a ModelAdvisor.List object.


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  1. Create a ModelAdvisor.List object.

    subList = ModelAdvisor.List();
  2. Specify the type as a numbered or bulleted list.

    setType(subList, 'numbered');
  3. Add items to the list.

    addItem(subList, ModelAdvisor.Text('Sub entry 1', {'pass','bold'}));
    addItem(subList, ModelAdvisor.Text('Sub entry 2', {'pass','bold'}));

Input Arguments

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Model Advisor list object for which you want to add elements.

Elements that appear as part of a list in the Model Advisor results, specified as a character vector, a Model Advisor formatting object, or a cell array of character vectors and Model Advisor formatting objects. When you add a cell array to a list, they form different rows in the list.

Version History

Introduced in R2006b