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Class: slmetric.config.Configuration
Package: slmetric.config

Return shipping Metrics Dashboard configuration object in base workspace

Since R2018b


DT = slmetric.config.Configuration.openDefaultConfiguration returns the slmetric.config.Configuration object corresponding to the shipping Metrics Dashboard configuration in the base workspace. Use this object to add or remove threshold values corresponding to Compliant, NonCompliant, or Warning categories. These MetricIDs contain default shipping thresholds:

  • mathworks.metrics.CloneContent

  • mathworks.metrics.CyclomaticComplexity

  • mathworks.metrics.DiagnosticWarningsCount

  • mathworks.metrics.MatlabCodeAnalyzerWarnings

  • mathworks.metrics.ModelAdvisorCheckCompliance.hisl_do178

  • mathworks.metrics.ModelAdvisorCheckCompliance.maab

  • mathworks.metrics.ModelAdvisorCheckIssues.hisl_do178

  • mathworks.metrics.ModelAdvisorCheckIssues.maab

You can also use this object to obtain compliance and issues metric data on your Model Advisor configuration.

Output Arguments

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slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object for adding and removing thresholds corresponding to Compliant, Noncompliant, and Warning Categories for a specific metric.


Open the Shipping slmetric.config.Configuration Object

Use the openDefaultConfiguration method to add the shipping slmetric.config.Configuration object to the base workspace. If you modify the information that this configuration object contains, use the method to save this information to an XML file.

Config = slmetric.config.Configuration.openDefaultConfiguration

Version History

Introduced in R2018b