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Class: slmetric.config.Configuration
Package: slmetric.config

Obtain compliance and issues metric data on your Model Advisor configuration

Since R2018b


setMetricFamilyParameterValues(config,... 'ModelAdvisorStandard', values)


Use the Model Advisor Configuration Editor to create groups of Model Advisor checks or use a shipped check group. Then, use the setMetricFamilyParameterValues(config,... 'ModelAdvisorStandard', values) method to obtain compliance and issues data for this group and any other groups that you specify as part of the values input. Compliance data is the percentage of passed checks. Issues data is the number of check issues. The values input sets the groups that are members of the family that you associate with a particular slmetric.config.Configuration object.

Input Arguments

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slmetric.config.Configuration object to add check groups for which to obtain compliance and issues data.

Standard string that you must supply as an input.

Specify Check Group IDs for each group of Model Advisor checks for which to obtain compliance and issues metric data. Obtain the Check Group IDs by opening up the Model Advisor Configuration Editor and selecting the folder that contains the group of checks. The Check Group ID parameter is in the folder.


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Obtain compliance and issues data on the Modeling Standards for MISRA C:2012, MAB, and High-Integrity Systems check groups.

Open the default configuration.

config =;

Specify the metric family parameter ID, famParamID, and the metric family parameter values, values. The values maab and hisl_do178 correspond to subsets of MAAB checks and High-Integrity System checks. The MISRA value _SYSTEM_By Task_misra_c is the Check Group ID for the MISRA check group Modeling Standards for MISRA C:2012.

famParamID = 'ModelAdvisorStandard';
values = {'maab', 'hisl_do178', '_SYSTEM_By Task_misra_c'};
setMetricFamilyParameterValues(config, famParamID, values); 

To obtain the Model Advisor Check Group ID for a group of checks, open the Model Advisor Configuration Editor and select the desired folder of checks. The Check Group ID is shown in the Information tab. For more information on the Model Advisor Configuration Editor, see Use the Model Advisor Configuration Editor to Customize the Model Advisor.

Save the new configuration.'FileName', 'MetricConfig.xml');

Set the active Metrics Dashboard configuration.

slmetric.config.setActiveConfiguration(fullfile(pwd, 'MetricConfig.xml'));

For more information, see Customize Metrics Dashboard Layout and Functionality.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b