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Class: slmetric.Engine
Package: slmetric

Obtain metric metadata

Since R2018b


metaInfo = getMetricMetaInformation(metric_engine,metricID)


metaInfo = getMetricMetaInformation(metric_engine,metricID) returns the slmetric.metric.MetaInformation object corresponding to the metricID.

Input Arguments

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Create an slmetric.Engine object.

metric_engine = slmetric.Engine();

Data Types: char

Metric identifier for shipped or custom metrics. You can get metric identifiers by calling slmetric.metric.getAvailableMetrics.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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For a metricID, the slmetric.metric.MetaInformation object contains its metadata. On the Metrics Dashboard, when you click a widget, this metadata appears on the table.


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Obtain metadata for the high-integrity check compliance metric. This metric has a metric ID of mathworks.metrics.ModelAdvisorCheckCompliance.hisl_do178.

Create an slmetric.Engine object.

metric_engine = slmetric.Engine();

To obtain metadata, use the getMetricMetaInformation method.

metaInfo = getMetricMetaInformation(metric_engine,...

The high-integrity check compliance metric contains this metadata:

metaInfo = 

  MetaInformation with properties:

                       Name: 'Model Advisor standards check compliance for High Integrity'
                Description: 'Metric that counts the percentage of checks that passed for the High Integrity Model Advisor standards check grouping.'
              MeasuresNames: {2×1 cell}
    AggregatedMeasuresNames: {2×1 cell}
                  ValueName: 'Checks Passed'
        AggregatedValueName: 'Checks Passed (incl. Descendants)'

Version History

Introduced in R2018b