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Create a Simplified Standalone Model

You can simplify simulation, debugging, and formal analysis of large and complex models by focusing on areas of interest in your model. After highlighting a portion of your model using Model Slicer, you can generate a simplified standalone model incorporating the highlighted portion of your original model. Apply changes to the simplified standalone model based on simulation, debugging, and formal analysis, and then apply these changes back to the original model.


Simplified standalone model creation is not supported for highlighted models with exclusion points or constrained switch blocks. If you want to view the effects of exclusion points or constrained switch blocks on a simplified standalone model, first create the simplified standalone model, and then add exclusion points or constrained switch blocks.

  1. Highlight a portion of your model using Model Slicer.

    See Highlight Functional Dependencies and Refine Highlighted Model.

  2. In the Model Slicer, click Generate slice.

  3. In the Select File to Write dialog box, select the save location and enter a model name.

    The simplified standalone model contains the highlighted model items.

  4. To remove highlighting from the model, close the Model Slicer.

When generating a simplified standalone model from a model highlight, you might need to refine the highlighted model before the simplified standalone model can compile. See the Model Slicer Considerations and Limitations for compilation considerations.

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