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Specify Blocks to Tune in Control System Tuner

To select which blocks of your Simulink® model to tune in Control System Tuner:

  1. In the Tuning tab, click Select Blocks. The Select tuned Blocks dialog opens.

  2. Click Add Blocks. Control System Tuner analyzes your model to find blocks that can be tuned.

  3. In the Select Blocks to Tune dialog box, use the nodes in the left panel to navigate through your model structure to the subsystem that contains blocks you want to tune. Check Tune? for the blocks you want to tune. The parameters of blocks you do not check remain constant when you tune the model.


    To find a block in your model, select the block in the Block Name list and click Highlight Selected Block.

  4. Click OK. The Select tuned blocks dialog box now reflects the blocks you added.

To import the current value of a block from your model into the current design in Control System Tuner, select the block in the Blocks list and click Sync from Model. Doing so is useful when you have tuned a block in Control System Tuner, but wish to restore that block to its original value. To store the current design before restoring a block value, in the Control System tab, click Store.

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