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Required and Related Products

Simulink® Design Optimization™ software requires MATLAB®, Simulink, and Optimization Toolbox™ software.

The following table summarizes MathWorks® products that extend and complement the Simulink Design Optimization software. For current information about these and other MathWorks products, visit

Control System Toolbox Enables you to design controllers for linear time-invariant (LTI) models using optimization methods.
Global Optimization Toolbox Provides genetic algorithms, and direct search methods to estimate and optimize model parameters.
Deep Learning Toolbox Provides Simulink models of neural networks for optimization-based control design.
Parallel Computing Toolbox Enables parallel computing on multicore processors and multiprocessor networks to speed up estimation and optimization.
Simulink Control Design Lets you linearize Simulink models. Use Simulink Design Optimization software to design controllers for linearized models using optimization methods.
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Provides additional probability distributions and statistical analysis techniques for sensitivity analysis.
System Identification Toolbox Lets you estimate linear and nonlinear models from measured data. Import the estimated model into Simulink software, and use Simulink Design Optimization software for optimization-based control design.