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Target Computer Settings

To run a Simulink® Real-Time™ model on a target computer, configure the target settings to match the capabilities of the target computer.

  1. Select the Simulink Real-Time template from the Simulink start page and create the exampleSlrtApp model. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type:

  2. In the Simulink Editor, open the Simulink Real-Time Explorer. In the Real-Time tab, from the targets list, click SLRT Explorer.

  3. From the Target Computers list, select the target computer node.

    1. To add a node representing another target computer, in the Targets pane, click the Add target button.

    2. To remove a node representing a target computer, select the node and click the Remove target button.

    3. To connect to a target computer, toggle the Disconnected indicator to Connected.

  4. If not previously configured, select the Target Configuration tab and set the target computer IP address for the target computer definition by using the Change IP Address button. For example, Speedgoat® target machines are preconfigured to IP address and subnet mask

  5. If your target machine has been used with a previous version of MATLAB and you have not yet migrated the target machine to release R2020b or later, you will see this message:

    Please enter the following at the MATLAB command prompt
    >> speedgoat.migrateTarget 
    before continuing with the next step.

Repeat this procedure as required for each target computer.

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