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Internationalization Issues

Simulink® Real-Time™ inherits the internationalization support of the products that it works with: Simulink, Simulink Coder™, and Embedded Coder®. Signal and parameter names that include Unicode® characters are displayed as expected in Simulink Real-Time Explorer and at the MATLAB® command line.

When you use the Simulation Data Inspector to observe signals, the non-ASCII signal names are displayed as expected. For example, assume that the signal with ID 1 appears in an English-language and a Japanese-language version of the same model. In the English-language version, the signal label is input1 and the block path is block1/block2. In the Japanese-language version, the signal label is 入力1 and the block path is ブロック1/ブロック2.

Third-party code (for example, parsers for vendor configuration files) sometimes does not support cross-locale, cross-platform internationalization. For such code, you must give files and folders locale-specific names. For example, when parsing a configuration file on an English-locale machine, name the file and enclosing folder with English-locale-specific names.

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