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Host I/O

Connect host computer and memory-mapped locations on your board or FPGA logic

Use these blocks to read and write memory-mapped locations and your SoC board.


AXI4-Stream IIO Read (HOST)Read DDR memory buffer from IP core device into simulation model (Since R2020b)
AXI4-Stream IIO Write (HOST)Write arrays to DDR memory buffer of IP core device from simulation model (Since R2020b)
AXI4-Register IIO Read (HOST)Read memory-mapped registers into simulation model (Since R2020b)
AXI4-Register IIO Write (HOST)Write data to memory-mapped registers from a simulation model (Since R2020b)
Memory IIO ReadRead from a shared memory region into simulation model (Since R2023a)
Memory IIO WriteWrite from simulation model to a shared memory region (Since R2023a)