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Hardware Implementation Pane

Hardware Implementation Pane Overview

Hardware Implementation pane for embedded Linux devices.

Task profiling in simulation

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
Show in SDI

Show the task execution data collected in simulation in the Simulation Data Inspector application.

Save to file

Save the task execution data to a file.

Overwrite file

Overwrite the last task execution data file.


Task profiling on processor

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
Show in SDIShow the task execution data collected on hardware in the Simulation Data Inspector
Save to fileSave the task execution data to a
Overwrite fileOverwrite the last task execution data
InstrumentationChoose to perform code instrumentation. Kernel instrumentation is not supported.Code

Operating system/scheduler

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
Operating System/Scheduler

Specify the Kernel latency of the OS in simulation of a task.


Simulation Settings

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
Set random number generator seedSet the random number generator
Seed ValueSpecify the seed value for the simulation of task duration deviation.


Cache input data at task startCache the input data at the start of a task.


Board Parameters

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
Device AddressNetwork address of hardware board or device.
UsernameLogin username on hardware board or device.


PasswordLogin password on hardware board or device.


Board Configuration

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
NameName of hardware board configuration.QEMU ARM Cortex-A57
Op-ModeOperating mode of executable.64-bit
Number of coresNumber of available processor cores.4
Processor FamilyProcessor architecture family.cortex-a57
Floating-point OptionFloating point processing extension option.neon

Board Options

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
Build Action

Defines how SoC Builder tool responds when you build your model.

Build, load, and run


ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
CPU Clock (MHz)

The CPU clock frequency in MHz.


External Mode

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
Communication Interface

Transport layer used to exchange data between the development computer and hardware.


Run external mode in a background thread

Execute the external mode engine in the generated code in a background task.



IP address port on hardware board.


Enable view of the external mode execution progress and updates in the Diagnostic Viewer.