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Radio Setup

Install the support package and configure hardware connection

Before you can start using the SoC Blockset™ Support Package for Xilinx® Devices with Xilinx Zynq®-based radios, you must:

  1. Install the support package. See Install Support for Xilinx Devices.

  2. Establish communication between the host computer and the radio hardware. See Set Up Xilinx Devices.

  3. To work with the hardware-software co-design workflow, install additional support packages and third-party tools. See Setup for Hardware-Software Co-Design.


sdrdevCreate radio object for interfacing with Xilinx Zynq-based radio hardware
downloadImageDownload SD card image or bitstream file
infoGet radio hardware information
testConnectionTest connection between host and radio hardware


comm.SDRDevAD936xInterface with AD936x-based Zynq radio hardware
comm.SDRDevFMCOMMS5Interface with FMCOMMS5 Zynq radio hardware



Common Problems and Fixes

Resolve issues encountered during installation or while using the I/O mode features of the support package.

Troubleshooting Hardware-Software Co-Design

Resolve issues encountered while using the hardware-software co-design workflow.