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DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles with Solar Cogeneration

This example models a DC fast charging station with solar cogeneration connected with the three battery packs of electric vehicles (EV).

This example comprises four main components:

  • Grid —— Model the AC supply voltage as a three-phase constant voltage source.

  • Solar Generation —— Model the solar pack as parallel strings of series connected cells.

  • DC Fast Charging Station —— Model the power electronic circuits to convert the AC supply voltage from the grid to the DC voltage level that the EV battery pack requires.

  • EV battery pack —— Model the battery pack as series of battery cells.

Model Overview

Open the model ee_dc_fast_charging_station.slx

Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot shows the DC bus voltage and current, battery terminal voltage, charging current, and state-of-charge(SOC). Each EV battery pack has different charging current as well as initial SOC.