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Record State Activity by Using History Junctions

A history junction records the activity of substates inside superstates. Use a history junction in a superstate to indicate that its last active substate becomes active when the superstate becomes active. For more information, see History Junctions.

Create a History Junction

To create a history junction:

  1. In the object palette, click the History icon

  2. On the chart canvas, click the location for the new history junction.

To move a history junction to a new location, click and drag the junction to the new position.

Change History Junction Size

To change the size of junctions:

  1. Select the history junctions whose size you want to change.

  2. Right-click one of the junctions and select Junction Size.

  3. Select a size from the list of junction sizes.

Change History Junction Properties

To edit the properties for a junction:

  1. Right-click a junction and select Properties.

    The History Junction dialog box appears.

  2. Edit the fields in the properties dialog box.




    Parent of this history junction; read-only; click the hypertext link to bring the parent to the foreground.


    Textual description/comment.

    Document Link

    Enter a URL address or a general MATLAB® command. Examples are, mailto:email_address, and edit/spec/data/speed.txt.

  3. When finished editing, click one of the following buttons:

    • Apply to save the changes

    • Cancel to cancel any changes

    • OK to save the changes and close the dialog box

    • Help to display the Stateflow® online help in an HTML browser window