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Noncentral F Distribution


Similar to the noncentral χ2 distribution, the toolbox calculates noncentral F distribution probabilities as a weighted sum of incomplete beta functions using Poisson probabilities as the weights.


I(x|a,b) is the incomplete beta function with parameters a and b, and δ is the noncentrality parameter.


As with the χ2 distribution, the F distribution is a special case of the noncentral F distribution. The F distribution is the result of taking the ratio of χ2 random variables each divided by its degrees of freedom.

If the numerator of the ratio is a noncentral chi-square random variable divided by its degrees of freedom, the resulting distribution is the noncentral F distribution.

The main application of the noncentral F distribution is to calculate the power of a hypothesis test relative to a particular alternative.


Compute Noncentral F Distribution pdf

Compute the pdf of a noncentral F distribution with degrees of freedom NU1 = 5 and NU2 = 20, and noncentrality parameter DELTA = 10. For comparison, also compute the pdf of an F distribution with the same degrees of freedom.

x = (0.01:0.1:10.01)';
p1 = ncfpdf(x,5,20,10);
p = fpdf(x,5,20);

Plot the pdf of the noncentral F distribution and the pdf of the F distribution on the same figure.

hold on
legend('Noncentral F','F distribution')

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