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Stopping the Model on EV3 Hardware

To stop a model running on the EV3 hardware, use either of the following methods:

  • Use stopModel in the MATLAB® Command Window.

  • Press the Back button on the EV3 hardware and respond to any prompts on the EV3 display.

Hardware Reset

If pressing the Back button does not stop the a model running on the EV3 hardware and the EV3 hardware does not respond to other inputs. Then the model running on the hardware may be blocking other processes.

You can reset the EV3 hardware as follows:

  1. Press the Back, Center, and Left buttons.

  2. When the EV3 display goes blank, release the Back button.

  3. After the EV3 restarts, release the Center and Left buttons.

  4. Connect your host computer and EV3 hardware to the same network, as described in Connect the EV3 Hardware to Host Computer.