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Security Considerations for Raspberry Pi in MATLAB Online

Communication between the Raspberry Pi™ hardware board and MATLAB® Online™ occurs over the Internet with your MathWorks® Account credentials. The following Linux® based functions and capabilities of the MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware are intentionally limited in MATLAB Online.

systemOnly the ls command is supported. No sudo access.
openShellNot supported.
getFileDestination must be in MATLAB Drive™.
putFileNot supported.
deleteFileFiles can be deleted only from default working directory /home/matlabrpi.

Security best practices for Raspberry Pi include:

  • Changing the default user name and password on your Raspberry Pi. See the instructions for how to do so in Linux users.

  • Connecting only to trusted networks.

  • If you require a wireless connection, connecting your Raspberry Pi only to wireless networks with strong encryption.

  • Turning off port forwarding on your router. Consult the manufacturer documentation for instructions.

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