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This tab does not appear if you select PX4 Host Target as the Hardware board.

CAN Port

This field defines the CAN port used on the host computer.

The value of the CAN port parameter is read-only. For any selected PX4 hardware, only one CAN port is supported. If the PX4 hardware has only one port, the parameter value is set to CAN. If the PX4 hardware has two ports, then CAN1 is supported.

Supported CAN ports for different boards:

PX4 boardsCAN port
PX4 Pixhawk 1CAN
PX4 Pixhawk 2.1 (Cube)CAN2
PX4 Pixhawk 4CAN1
PX4 Pixhawk SeriesCAN1
PX4 PixracerCAN



Baud rate (in bits/s)

This field defines the rate at which data is transferred over CAN network. (in bits/s).



Test mode

Use this parameter to enable CAN test mode. Select one of these options.

  • Off: This option enables normal transmission and receiving of CAN messages in the network.

  • Loopback: This option enables loopback testing of CAN messages. In this option, the CAN network treats its own transmitted messages as received messages.

  • Silent: This option enables only receiving of CAN messages in the network. Transmission of CAN messages is disabled.