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Information about specified video file


S = info(videoFReader) returns a MATLAB® structure, S, with information about the video file specified in the Filename property.

Input Arguments

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Video file reader, specified as a vision.VideoFileReader System object™.

Output Arguments

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Information about input file, returned as a structure. The fields and possible values for the structure S are described below:

AudioLogical value indicating if the file has audio content.
VideoLogical value indicating if the file has video content.
VideoFrameRateFrame rate of the video stream in frames per second. The value may vary from the actual frame rate of the recorded video, and takes into consideration any synchronization issues between audio and video streams when the file contains both audio and video content. This implies that video frames may be dropped if the audio stream leads the video stream by more than 1/(actual video frames per second).

Video size as a two-element numeric vector of the form:

[VideoWidthInPixels, VideoHeightInPixels]

VideoFormatVideo signal format.

Version History

Introduced in R2012a