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Select Calibration Pattern and Set Properties

After selecting the images you want to use, the Camera Calibrator app displays an Image and Pattern Properties dialog box, or the Stereo Camera Calibrator app displays a Load Stereo Images dialog box. In the Pattern Selection section, select the type of pattern to use for the calibration. The drop-down lists the natively supported patterns and any previously created custom patterns. Alternatively, you can create a custom pattern by using a template. For more details, see Custom Pattern Detector.

You must provide calibration pattern properties related to the size and dimension of the pattern structure. For checkerboard patterns, specify the square size. For the Camera Calibrator app, you must also select low or high image distortion. Select High distortion when the images have been taken using a wide-angle lens, such as a fisheye camera.

PatternCalibrator App SupportExample


Checkerboard pattern settings

Symmetric Circle Grid

Symmetric pattern settings

Asymmetric Circle Grid

Asymmetric pattern settings