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Supported Radio Devices

The Wireless Testbench™ software provides radio support through dedicated hardware support packages. To use a supported radio with a Wireless Testbench feature, you must install the associated support package from the Add-On Explorer.

Supported NI USRP Radios

Wireless Testbench Support Package for NI™ USRP™ Radios provides support for these radios.

USRP Networked Series

  • USRP N310

  • USRP N320

  • USRP N321

USRP X Series

  • USRP X310 with UBX 160 daughterboard

    • The USRP X310 radio support also enables you to use the equivalent USRP NI–2944R and USRP NI–2954R radios with Wireless Testbench. For more information on how to convert these radios into an equivalent X310 radio, see Running UHD and GNU Radio on NI USRP-RIO on the hardware vendor website.

  • USRP X410

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