gPROMS Block Object for Simulink

Process modeling, simulation, and optimization


  • Embed arbitrarily complex mathematical models within Simulink ®
  • Model both lumped and distributed systems
  • Solve systems of nonlinear differential and algebraic equations
  • Solve systems of nonlinear integro-partial differential and algebraic equations
  • Eliminate "algebraic loops" automatically, without user intervention
  • Easy to use - no programming required


gPROMS is an advanced mathematical modeling package for the construction of static or dynamic models of arbitrary complexity involving mixed sets of integral, partial and ordinary differential, and algebraic equations (IPDAEs). This is coupled with state-of-the-art symbolic and numerical techniques solving very large problems involving up to several hundreds of thousands of time-varying quantities.

The gPROMS Block Object for Simulink allows any model written in gPROMS to be embedded as a continuous block within a Simulink block diagram. The block may have any number of input and output ports, each typically involving a relatively small subset of the gPROMS model's variables. The gPROMS Block Object for Simulink uses a combination of symbolic and numerical manipulations to reduce the IPDAE in the gPROMS model to a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODEs). These are then solved, together with those from all other blocks, by numerical solvers in Simulink.

Typical users of the gPROMS Block Object for Simulink are engineers and scientists who wish to solve complex mathematical models within Simulink. The tool is particularly suited for use by multi-disciplinary teams, typically involving control engineers using Simulink to design and tune control systems for sophisticated process, mechanical or aerospace applications modeled in gPROMS.


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