Design and simulate RF systems with RF Blockset.
Build a cascade of RF components with RF Toolbox and analyze the link budget in terms of noise figure, gain, and IP3.
Set up a multicarrier Circuit Envelope simulation using SimRF ™ .
Build a simple RF receiver that introduces noise using blocks from the Circuit Envelope library of SimRF™.
Determine the harmonic order of a circuit envelope simulation using SimRF™ to find a trade off between accuracy and simulation speed by examining the results in the time and frequency domain.
Design wireless systems by performing antenna-to-bits simulation, smart RF design, over-the-air testing, LTE and LTE-advanced modeling, and airborne and automotive radar simulation using MATLAB ® and...
Review exercises in modeling and simulation of the Analog Devices AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver with MATLAB and SimRF.
Connect MATLAB® to a vector network analyzer and perform measurements of S-parameters.