Use Cases

Explore how MATLAB is used for neuroscience applications

Human Brain Mapping

Analysis of macroscopic brain structure and function data, including MRI, EEG, ECoG, MEG, and NIRS modalities

This technical article describes how a UCL neuroscientist developed a prize-winning algorithm to predict when seizures were about to occur from human intracortical EEG data.

Cellular Neuroscience

Analysis of microscale neuronal structure and function data, including microelectrode and microscopy techniques

This article describes how a UCL neuroscientist developed a fast algorithm to efficiently analyze data from new silicon microfabricated high-density neural probes.

Behavior and Psychophysics

Control and analysis of sensory, motor, and other data streams linkable to brain activity 

This blog post describes how neuroscientists at University of Washington identify and classify rodent ultrasonic vocalizations using regions with convolutional neural networks (R-CNN) and other machine learning algorithms. Image credit: Alice Gray.


Neuroscience applied to emerging clinical and consumer applications, including neurostimulation and brain-computer interface (BCI) systems

This user story describes how Battelle Memorial Institute developed a BCI, allowing a paralyzed research volunteer to move and control his own arm and hand.