Dexterit-E for KINARM Labs

Behavioral control and data acquisition software that operates KINARM Labs


  • Control and acquire data from KINARM Labs™
  • Create novel behavioral protocols using Simulink® and Stateflow®
  • Run variations of task protocols for custom tasks
  • Export data for post-experiment data analysis in MATLAB®


KINARM Labs are advanced and flexible robotic platforms for undertaking sensory, motor and cognitive research. They enable researchers to develop and implement their own custom experimental paradigm to address leading questions in neuroscience, such as:

  • Coordination of multi-joint and multi-limb motor actions with or without joint-based loads
  • Learning in altered visual and mechanical environments
  • Solving complex cognitive problems
  • Perceptual aspects of proprioception and body image

Dexterit-E™ is a behavioral control and data acquisition software that operates KINARM Labs™. Dexterit-E is operated through an easy-to-use interface on a Microsoft® Windows® computer, and it runs the KINARM Lab through a real-time computer providing precise, reliable control and measurement of the system under study. There are multiple levels of customization and flexibility. 

KINARM Labs' operating and control software, Dexterit-E, allows users to rapidly implement their research protocol without having to be professional programmers. Using Simulink and Stateflow powered with the Dexterit-E TDK, users are able to create novel behavioral protocols, or Custom Task Programs, that implement their research question and study. Users of KINARM Labs are both neuroscientists studying brain function (for example, sensory motor control, visuomotor skills, and brain computer interfaces) and clinician scientists studying brain dysfunction (for example, identifying neurological impairments resulting from brain injury or disease, measuring their severity relative to healthy populations, and monitoring degeneration or response to novel therapies). The ease of the high-level graphical programming tools in Simulink ensure that users with only limited programming experience are able to develop Custom Task Programs.


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