Hardware Support

Capabilities and Features

MATLAB Coder, Simulink Coder, and Embedded Coder generate ANSI®/ISO® C/C++ code that can be compiled and executed on ARM® Cortex®-R processors. Embedded Coder lets you easily configure the code generated from MATLAB and Simulink algorithms to control software interfaces, optimize execution performance, and minimize memory consumption.

In addition to ANSI/ISO C, Embedded Coder provides support to perform and on-target rapid prototyping for the TI Hercules RM57 Launchpad. It also provides an SDK for extending support of on-target rapid prototyping to other Cortex-R boards (e.g., TI Hercules TMS570 and RM4x development boards).

You can also use the RM57Lx Launchpad to :

  • Perform code verification using PIL tests with TI’s ARM compiler and debugger
  • Perform on-target rapid prototyping of Simulink models using the FreeRTOS port for the RM57Lx processors, as well as a limited peripheral block library for theTI Hercules RM57Lx Launchpad.
  • Tune parameters on, and monitor data from, a Simulink model running on the TI Hercules RM57Lx Launchpad (External mode).
  • Profile task and function execution times of executables running in real time on the hardware

Embedded Coder hardware support packages offer built-in, limited, support for specific hardware, schedulers, and compilers. MathWorks Consulting Services is available to help with extensions to other environments.

Supported Hardware

The ARM Cortex-R processor families compatible with Embedded Coder ANSI/ISO C-code generation include:

  • Cortex–R5
  • Cortex–R7
  • Cortex–R8


Platform and Release Support

See the hardware support package system requirements table for current and prior version, release, and platform availability.

View enhancements and bug fixes in release notes.

ARM Cortex-R Support from Embedded Coder