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Generic helicopter

Since R2023a


Front view of helicopter.

Helicopter is one of the rotorcraft that you can use within the 3D simulation environment. This environment is rendered using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games®. For detailed views of the Helicopter, see Views.

To add this type of vehicle to the 3D simulation environment:

  1. Add a Simulation 3D Rotorcraft block to your Simulink® model.

  2. In the Block Parameters dialog box, on the Parameters tab, set the Type parameter to Helicopter.

  3. Set the Initial translation (m) and Initial rotation (rad) parameters to an array size that matches the Helicopter rotorcraft, for example, zeros(19, 3).

Data for Helicopter Placement

The Helicopter sample mesh origin is at ground level. To place the rotorcraft, consider using these values.

Airport Scene Placement

To place the Light Helicopter mesh in the Airport scene resting on the pavement or other hard surface, which is at a Z of 1 centimeter, use the following body translation and rotation values.

Body Motion Ports and ParametersValue
Translation port and Initial translation parameter[0, 0, 0] + [0, 0, -0.01]
Rotation port and Initial rotation parameter[0, 0, 0]

Altitude Sensor

For the altitude sensor in the Simulation 3D Rotorcraft block, use these values.

Body Z offset (m)1.1687
Front tire radius (m)0.196
Left tire radius (m)0.203
Right tire radius (m)0.203


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Top-down view of helicopter.

Side view of helicopter.

Front view of helicopter.

Back view of helicopter.

Lights and Skeleton


Landing lightLandingLight
Nose lightNoseLight
Red navigation lightRedNavLight
Green navigation lightGreenNavLight
White navigation lightPositionLight
Strobe light StrobeLight
Beacon lightBeaconLight


  • Helicopter

    • Engine1

    • Engine2

    • Rotor1

    • Rotor2

    • NoseGear

      • NoseGear_Wheel

      • NoseGear_Light

    • NoseGearDoor1

    • NoseGearDoor2

    • MainGear_L

      • MainGear_L_Wheel

      • MainGear_L_Light

    • MainGear_L_Door1

    • MainGear_L_Door2

    • MainGear_R

      • MainGear_R_Wheel

    • MainGear_R_Door1

    • MainGear_R_Door2

    • Sensor1

    • Sensor2

    • RedNavLight

    • GreenNavLight

    • BeaconLight

    • StrobeLight

    • PositionLight

Version History

Introduced in R2023a