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Quaternion Math

Aerospace quaternion math

Use built-in quaternion functions to calculate their norm, modulus, natural logarithm, product, division, inverse, power, or exponential. You can also interpolate between two quaternions using the linear, spherical-linear, or normalized-linear methods. Aerospace Toolbox uses quaternions that are defined using the scalar-first convention.


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quatconjCalculate conjugate of quaternion
quatdivideDivide quaternion by another quaternion
quatexpExponential of quaternion
quatinterpQuaternion interpolation between two quaternions
quatinvCalculate inverse of quaternion
quatlogNatural logarithm of quaternion
quatmodCalculate modulus of quaternion
quatmultiplyCalculate product of two quaternions
quatnormCalculate norm of quaternion
quatnormalizeNormalize quaternion
quatpowerPower of quaternion
quatrotateRotate vector by quaternion