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Waveform generation for CDMA2000, 1xEV-DO, and GSM

Generate CDMA2000, 1xEV-DO, and GSM waveforms. For more modeling options specific to standards specified by 3GPP, see 5G Toolbox and LTE Toolbox.


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cdma2000ForwardReferenceChannelsDefine cdma2000 forward reference channel
cdma2000ForwardWaveformGeneratorGenerate cdma2000 forward link waveform
cdma2000ReverseReferenceChannelsDefine cdma2000 reverse reference channel
cdma2000ReverseWaveformGeneratorGenerate cdma2000 reverse link waveform
evdoForwardReferenceChannelsDefine 1xEV-DO forward reference channel
evdoForwardWaveformGeneratorGenerate 1xEV-DO forward link waveform
evdoReverseReferenceChannelsDefine 1xEV-DO reverse reference channel
evdoReverseWaveformGeneratorGenerate 1xEV-DO reverse link waveform
gsmCheckTimeMaskInspect GSM burst against time mask (depuis R2019b)
gsmFrameCreate GSM waveform (depuis R2019b)
gsmInfoView GSM waveform information (depuis R2019b)


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gsmDownlinkConfigCreate GSM downlink TDMA frame configuration object (depuis R2019b)
gsmUplinkConfigCreate GSM uplink TDMA frame configuration object (depuis R2019b)