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Free all resources allocated by MATLAB Runtime instance associated with library



libraryTerminate() frees all resources allocated by the MATLAB® Runtime instance associated with the generated C/C++ shared library library. Call this function in your C/C++ application after you finish calling the functions in this generated library and before calling mclTerminateApplication.


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Terminate a C shared library named libmatrix.

  1. Call the initialization function for the C library libmatrix in the main function of your C application code.

    /* Call the library initialization routine and ensure the
    *  library was initialized properly. */
    if (!libmatrixInitialize())
                "An error occurred while initializing: \n %s ",
        return -2;
    /* Call the library function(s) for your application */
  2. At the end of the else statement (before calling mclTerminateApplication), call libmatrixTerminate to free resources allocated by the MATLAB Runtime instance associated with libmatrix.

    /* Call the library termination routine */
    /* Free the memory created */
    mxDestroyArray(in1); in1=0;
    mxDestroyArray(in2); in2 = 0;
  3. Finally, call mclTerminateApplication to terminate the MATLAB Runtime instance associated with libmatrix.

    /* mclTerminateApplication shuts down MATLAB Runtime. 
         * You cannot restart it by calling mclInitializeApplication.
         * Call mclTerminateApplication once and only once in your application.
        return 0;

Input Arguments

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Library name, specified as part of the function name. The library must be a C/C++ shared library generated by MATLAB Compiler SDK™.

Example: libmatrix

Version History

Introduced in R2015a