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Retrieve properties from Haver Analytics connection objects


    V = get(c) returns a MATLAB® structure containing property fields for the specified connection object, where c is a haver or haverdirect connection object. Each field contains a property name and value.


    V = get(c,PropertyName) returns a MATLAB structure containing the value of the specified property.


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    You can use the get function to retrieve information about a specified property for a haver connection object.

    Create a haver connection to access a daily file.

    c = haver('d:\work\haver\data\haverd.dat')

    Use the haver connection to retrieve the name of the Haver Analytics® database.

    V = get(c,'DatabaseName')
    V =

    Input Arguments

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    Haver Analytics connection, specified as a haver or haverdirect connection object.

    Name of property from the connection object, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

    Example: "DatabaseName"

    Version History

    Introduced in R2007a